All roads lead to the fair

Yesterday, we went to Montgomery County Agricultural Fair.  We started out fairly late partly due to the fact that nobody but me had been to a fair so nobody knew if they wanted to go. So we all dillydallied with other crap rather than getting ready to go to the fair.  Why is it that in our household any new thing is confronted with the attitude "I haven’t done this before – what if I don’t like it?" instead of the attitude. "Oh cool… new thing… I can’t wait to check it out"?

So we got to the fair about 3pm and left at 9:15pm.  It was a completely full day!  We started out with checking out the animals.  The kids got a chance to see some sheep sheared and even got some wool in the bargain.  We also saw some goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens and cows.  The kids were really big on the rabbits and Piero wanted to buy one (many that didn’t place well or were disqualified were for sale).  We said no because we already have our limit of 2 domestic animals.  Kylie was terrified of the chickens and cows and that extended to the ‘nursery’ where you could see calves that were a day or two old.  Old McDonald’s Barn was more of a hit where you got to see things like llamas, alpacas, Brahma Cattle, draft horse, bison, donkey and other things.  We ate ice cream and pizza.  We saw pig, goat and duck races.  Ok, the kids saw them because they were on our shoulders.  We saw almost nothing except people’s heads.  The kids got their faces painted.  We picked up some trinkets for the kids from a stall.  My family graciously (well maybe not so graciously from Piero although he tried) allowed me to go through the arts and crafts building.  We got to check out needlework, quilting, tatting (they had demonstrations earlier in the day), knitting, crochet and sewing.  They had a "You be the judge" for about 60 pillowcases so each of us picked out our favourite pillowcase and put in a ticket.  Even Kylie managed 1 out of the 2 numbers she needed to put on her ticket.   We also got to watch the parade and Kylie just loved the ‘princesses’ that went by.  I think they were something like Ms. Montgomery County or something like that.

Near the end of the day we went down to the carnival area for a ride for the kids.  On the way there we met Ziggy.  Ziggy made balloon creations.  The kids were totally entranced so we stayed for about 30 minutes waiting our turn.  Kylie got butterfly wings and Piero asked for a surprise creation.  He got a really neat Alien (think Roswell type).  We then paid for the kids to go on one ride. EXPENSIVE!!!!  The kiddie rides were 3$ a piece.

The kids fell asleep on the ride home.  We sat through some very frustrating traffic due to construction and didn’t get home until 10:30pm.  The kids got into bed in under 10 minutes and were probably asleep within 1.  I still had to do cooking for lunches the next day (I cook supper on Sunday plus the kids get the leftovers for their lunch the next day) which Eduardo was kind enough to help me with.  We made Fried Rice within 15 minutes.  Everything was cooked, I just needed to put it together.  I cleaned up the kitchen and collapsed on the couch.  And then I proceeded to head into work very late.  Despite getting up 1 hour late (I felt terrible), I was only at work just 45 minutes later than normal.  The kids were champs and got ready to leave in super quick time.

I think that pretty much summed up our day.  We all had fun despite the heat and the kids are asking to return to the fair again.


2 responses to “All roads lead to the fair

  1. Whew! What a busy day at the fair. I used to know a lady who tatted. She made the most beautiful lace. Coco did great at Parent Observation day for her dance class, I’ll write up a blog about it when I have a few uninterrupted minutes on the computer. :Dhugs, jen

  2. I love going to the fair!!! This week is my beloved "International Village". I’ll probably drive over there quickly today and pick up some food and be on my way. I don’t have anyone to go with this year. Oh well, the food is the best part any way!~ FC

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