Strides in Swimming

Kylie has made a huge leap (pun intended) with swimming.  Last weekend,  she finally, finally jumped off the edge of the pool into my arms!  She makes sure she doesn’t go under water but at long last she will push herself off without me being within reaching distance.   She is also able to ‘swim’ between Papa and I.  She only lasts for about a minute but she is finally making some headway.

Piero on the other hand is a complete fish.  He is allowed anywhere in the shallow part (5ft and under so still over his head) but needs adult supervision to go into the deep end.   He has gone from not being able to swim at all to being a great swimmer this summer.  All it took was a couple of swim classes.

This fall, Piero is going into Level III swim classes and Kylie is going into Level I PeeWee classes.  I would put her into Level II if she would go under the water voluntarily but she won’t.  We have told her that she is going into Big Girl classes and big girls put their heads under water so she will have to start doing it.


One response to “Strides in Swimming

  1. Good job to the swimmers! My kids took lessons this year too. The instructors made it fun to put their heads under water, there were several different games. I bet once Kylie sees the other children doing it, she’ll be ready to try herself. :DHugs, Jen

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