Control or Courtesy

Eduardo thinks that calling me to tell me that he is heading off somewhere for the evening/afternoon or whatever is not required.  The mere fact that I ask him to keep me informed of his whereabouts indicates that I am a control freak.  In other words, if I would normally expect you to be at home on Monday night after work and you decide to head out to see the kids until 8 or 9pm, then I would like a quick phone call telling me that you are heading out to see the kids and you won’t be home until late.  When I get home on Monday I don’t want to be wondering why you still aren’t home 2 or 3 hours after you normally arrive.  I don’t want to be asking: Dead? or Alive?  I am NOT referring to getting a blow-by-blow of your day.  No need to call me if you are 5 minutes late due to traffic.  I don’t care if you stopped in at Home Depot to pick up something for work and are 30 minutes later than normal.  I do care if you are going to be gone hours longer than anticipated and would like some notification.

Of course, the irritating thing for me is that if I run an errand that took significantly longer than I expected, he is calling me to find out why I am not where I usually am.  If I am controlling when I request to know where he is… it is no less controlling of him when he does the same thing.  Either it is controlling and neither of us do it or it is a courtesy and both of us should perform the courtesy.

So readers… control or courtesy?


One response to “Control or Courtesy

  1. off the cuff… he wants to be in control…of him. Not tell you what he’s doing but WANTS to know what YOU are doing.It’s a two way street….if he wants the courtesy of you calling then he should do the same. very simple.I worry about you. You can always email……

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