4 year anniversary

Today is my 4 year anniversary.  I started the blog being very sad after a very hard break-up with "The One".  I thought over the years that the blog was taking a happier tone.  It has been fun to talk about the kids and some of the fun stuff we have done and their kid accomplishments.  And then I started reading selected blog entries.  Just ones that caught my eye for whatever reason.  And I realized that in fact, a fair number of blog entries are actually not too much different than when I first started.   More restrained but I can see the sadness woven into them.

As I look into the crystal ball,  I see more sadness ahead of me. I don’t know what the year will hold for blogging but I suspect it will hold a lot of introspective entries as I sort through what is going on in my head.  This upcoming blogging year is not likely to be a happy year.  I hope you hang in there with me.


4 responses to “4 year anniversary

  1. Well, blogs are a good way for us to work through our emotions–they’re a great outlet–so it’s no wonder there’s a theme there. I find when I’m happiest, I blog less. I blog more frequently when I’m angry or upset or sad…because it helps me feel better–to get it out helps–but also to hear what others have to say, to know I’m not alone, to know others experience similar things, etc. So happy anniversary, and I hope your next year of blogging helps you to work through whatever sadness may lie ahead.

  2. I’m always here. ((Hugs)) Happy Blog Anniversary!~ FC

  3. I’m here. And you know You can always vent to me. And where my blog is concerned I need your email address to add you to the list of approved readers. I had to lock it down.So email me.

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