Doing chores

Every day I am doing something even if it is as little as doing the dishes and watering the tomato plants.  And you think to yourself… Who cares about her chores?  It is not so much the chores as when I decide to do them that I thought might be worth blogging about.  I discovered in my last marriage that I do not like doing chores when someone else is sitting around on their duff doing not much of anything.  Nothing has changed in the intervening years and doing chores while someone else does nothing leads to a good case of resentment.  Sadly, the sitting around not doing anything seems to be unchanging despite a couple of attempts to encourage togetherness so for the last couple of months (or longer), I have been doing chores while Eduardo is out.  You might think this leads to not getting much done but you would be surprised at how often he is out.  He visits Kelly’s house like clockwork twice a week so I get two entire evenings to myself – sometimes more.  As well, I usually get an hour or so on Sunday when he takes the kids back to Kelly.  I even take advantage of the weekend early mornings and cook while everyone is asleep.  So am I nuts for not doing my chores unless he gone?  I do things like dishes and cooking for myself and smaller things like that but special chores are generally scheduled on nights he is gone.  I figure out what special chore I am going to do while he is out and the next time he is out, I do it.  On Tuesday, I took down the shower curtain and scrubbed it with vinegar to get rid of the dirt and mold.  Tonight is the bathroom and tomorrow will be?  I haven’t decided yet.  I might dust the entire house.  We won’t discuss how long it has been since anyone did that.   After doing chores for an hour or so, I sit my butt down on the couch and reward myself with TV and handwork.  I just find this so much easier than grumbling to myself while I work my tail off and he well… doesn’t.


2 responses to “Doing chores

  1. I think you just literally saved my life. Your comment about your cat’s antibiotic helped me figure it out. I am highly allergic to many antibiotics, in fact the only time my skin has ever been like this is when we learned about the antibiotic allergies. No one in my family is on antibiotics, except our FISH! And I’ve been faithfully giving them their medicine every night… and every night the rash gets worse. THANK YOU for writing about your antibiotic allergy and cats, I don’t know if I would have ever made the connection otherwise.Love, Jen

  2. I have the exact same approach to chores, because it kills me to be working when Shawn is playing on the computer. What doesn’t get done while he is at work usually doesn’t get done until he goes back. I think it is a good way of going about things. Stuff has to get done, but married life would be no fun at all if we spent time together always fighting about who isn’t doing something. Men! *sigh*

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