A week on the bus

I had thought that going to work by bus would also increase my walking.  The metro is about 1.5 miles from my house.  After having walked home from the metro one night and home from the gym one night (took bus directly to gym), it has become clear to me that I won’t be doing much walking.  I take my laptop home with me every night and my shoulder can not take the weight of that laptop for very long.  I am in quite bad pain now from my shoulders.

The good news is that I won’t have to do much walking.  Eduardo has said that he will pick me up after work.  Originally, he said that he would pick me up from the Metro station but I suggested to him that I take the bus straight to the gym and he can pick me up from there.  He can either head to the gym and get in his workout with me or just simply pick me up when I am done.  This actually uses less gas because the gym is closer and is a trip he would already be taking (at least most nights) rather than going out of his way to pick me up at the metro.

Do you suppose that Emily (my car) is getting lonely sitting in the parking lot?


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