The weirdest thing

I had to take a business trip to Mexico.  On the first leg of the flight to Atlanta, I suddenly got it into my head that I absolutely had to call my Mom and tell her that I was going to Mexico for business and if an emergency occurred, she could reach me at my work number.  It was unlikely that my personal cell phone would work in Mexico (and it didn’t).  I called her just before I went back into the air.  I have never told my Mom when I have went on business that I was going and how she could reach me.  Not even when I went to Venezuela many years ago.  Not 15 minutes later, she received a phone call saying that her father had died.  She called me the next day to tell me that Grandpa had died.  I tried to change my return flight to Canada and get a return trip to home later in the week.  Delta wanted an insane amount of money for a 600-700 mile flight.  They wanted as much money for that trip as I paid for my round-trip flight to Mexico City.  Dave told me not to pay it so I didn’t make it to the funeral.

But isn’t it weird that I felt compelled to talk to my Mom?


2 responses to “The weirdest thing

  1. That is weird, in a cosmic sort of way. I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather.Love, Jen

  2. Very odd…. ((Hugs)) Sorry to hear about your Grandfather.~ FC

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