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This sums up my familial relationships

After Piero was disrespectful to me, I said that I expected respect from him.  His response was "You don’t deserve any."  That is a direct quote.  Is that something a 7-year-old comes up with or is that something he learns from other family members that can’t seem to show respect towards me?

What do I do with that little boy?  He is continually disrespectful towards me.  I would like to just ignore him and do the bare minimum.


I have what????!!?!!?

I have had a sore throat for the last week+.  It came with no other symptoms that indicated I had a cold.  So I went to the doctor on Friday.  I was diagnosed with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease.   I’m like WTF?  As far as we know, nobody else around me has it.  We have no idea why I got it.  It is a viral infection so there is nothing you can do for it.  It takes 10 days to run its course and on the 10th day (yesterday) it was gone as promised.   But isn’t that weird?

I was also diagnosed as probably having IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  There is nothing that the doctor can do for me.  She can give me anti-spasmodic medicine but the pain doesn’t last long enough for them to have any effect.  I need to be in pain for more than a couple of hours in order for them to work.   I can work on changing my diet (did that!) and reducing my stress.  Ummm… hmmm…. that will be easier said than done.  Interestingly enough, my last two bouts occurred on a Friday.  I guess I must not like weekends very much. 

How to lose a year of your life

I was talking on the phone to Mom the other night and we mentioned my upcoming birthday.  I mentioned I was turning 41.  She corrected me and told me that no… I was turning 42.  After some conversation it became apparent that I was indeed turning 42 on my next birthday.  Wow!  I actually felt sorrow that I had just lost a year of my life. For me 42 is a fairly significant year.  It was the year that would signify the end of my childbearing years.  If I didn’t have a child by 42, I wouldn’t have a child.  I am not 100% sure how I feel about this as I have been the fence about children for most of my adult life.  I felt some loss to be sure but not so much loss that it made it clear that I had missed out on something that I desperately wanted.

To fellow Canadians:

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Funny Story

Last night Kylie was brushing her teeth. I am not sure exactly what
happened but I think she was sitting on the edge of the toilet to put
the toothpaste on her toothbrush. Unfortunately, the toilet lid was up
and she fell back into the toilet. All I heard was the increasing volume of her crying from
the bathroom while I ran there to find out what happened. The poor
little girl was standing in the bathroom crying "Mommy, Mommy"
dripping toilet water on the floor and Piero was telling me that she had fallen into the toilet. Unfortunately, someone had gone to the bathroom in the toilet and didn’t flush it so there was a bit of an ick factor involved.  But when it came right down to it – ick factor aside, it was so incredibly funny that it
was all I could do not to laugh at what was clearly a tragedy for her.

A date with my step-son

Piero and I don’t have much one-on-one time together.  This weekend, I decided to have a date with Piero.  We did run an errand together but after that we went to the library and picked out some movies and books.  We read a book together in the library.  After that, we walked to Noodles and Co. and ordered some Mac & Cheese and ate out on the balcony.  It was a lovely day for eating outside.  I really enjoyed myself and Piero was really happy that we went on our date.

During our date, I tried to broach the topic of his behaviour when he gets upset.  He takes after Eduardo so much and I just don’t think those are characteristics he wants to end up with later in life.  I failed miserably but he gave me an opportunity later on when he lamented the fact that he can’t be a super hero because he doesn’t have a super power.  I was able to talk to him about real-life heros that are just ordinary people with no special powers.  We talked about the kinds of things heros can do and we talked about characteristics that heros can have.  He was really excited to find out that ordinary people can be heros.  I only hope that I can build on this so Piero can focus on being a ‘hero’ and cultivate thoughtfulness, kindness and love – the attributes he thought that heros had.

I have some heros in my life and its a shame that I never mentioned to them that they were my hero.  I will be changing that in the near future.

Someone like me

  • raises their voice when they are passionate or frustrated about something.  This does not mean I am angry or yelling.
  • loves hugs.  I willingly give hugs to my husband, kids and friends.  Unless I have just stuck my hands in ground hamburger to make meatloaf, you can disturb me at any time for that hug.  Ok… if you wake me up for that hug… not so friendly.  Asking for a hug is not considered an inconvenience for me
  • can be stubborn.  If I think I am right,  almost nothing can change my mind.  You better have ironclad proof of your position if you see me dig in.  But pick a topic I don’t have a strong opinion on (there are many) and you will find me open to whatever information you give me.
  • has limits to their patience.  I can have the patience of Job – sometimes.  Other times… just forget it…. you will get on my last nerve almost immediately if you are being a pain.  I work harder at being patient with the kids but sometimes – that reservoir is simply used up.
  • does not like to repeat herself.  If I have to tell you multiple times to do something… my voice is going to be raise an octave or 6 and if you are under the age of 8 – watch out! There will be consequences.
  • easily smiles and laughs.  I like to be joyful.  I find humour in all sorts of things.
  • thinks WAY too much.  I go over (and over and over) events looking for meaning.   I think about things said to me or by me.  I look for connections in events.  I ponder the state of my finances, personal relationships, state of the world and just about every other serious subject while my hands are doing something else. 
  • worries too much.  That molehill IS a mountain and if it isn’t then you clearly haven’t thought about the situation hard enough.
  • has a cutting tongue.  I have very dark British humour and it often comes out in the cutting/sarcastic things I say.  I don’t mean to hurt but I know that I sometimes do.  If I am angry or hurt this wonderful character trait is very present and I can say things that I know are going to be hurtful.
  • is generous in time and spirit.  I might not be generous with my money, but I can be generous with my time and my help. 
  • is fiscally responsible.  My ex said that I was the "Dragon of the Penny" because I knew how to hoard my money.  I am a saver. 
  • is loving.  I kiss booboos and listen when you want to talk.  If I see you upset, I will ask to see if you are alright.
  • is responsible.  If I say I am going to do something – it will get done unless I forget
  • is occasionally forgetful.  If I have a lot on my mind, my memory is the first thing to go.
  • forgives over and over again.  You will have many chances to make mistakes with me.  I am willing to forgive you 70 times 7 times.  But when I figure out that you weren’t really all that sincere or have been trying to take advantage of me?  Your chances are over and you will never get another.
  • cries easily.  I cry at sad movies, sad shows and even sad books. I have a tender heart and I am not embarrassed at all by it.

And that is what someone like me is like.