A date with my step-son

Piero and I don’t have much one-on-one time together.  This weekend, I decided to have a date with Piero.  We did run an errand together but after that we went to the library and picked out some movies and books.  We read a book together in the library.  After that, we walked to Noodles and Co. and ordered some Mac & Cheese and ate out on the balcony.  It was a lovely day for eating outside.  I really enjoyed myself and Piero was really happy that we went on our date.

During our date, I tried to broach the topic of his behaviour when he gets upset.  He takes after Eduardo so much and I just don’t think those are characteristics he wants to end up with later in life.  I failed miserably but he gave me an opportunity later on when he lamented the fact that he can’t be a super hero because he doesn’t have a super power.  I was able to talk to him about real-life heros that are just ordinary people with no special powers.  We talked about the kinds of things heros can do and we talked about characteristics that heros can have.  He was really excited to find out that ordinary people can be heros.  I only hope that I can build on this so Piero can focus on being a ‘hero’ and cultivate thoughtfulness, kindness and love – the attributes he thought that heros had.

I have some heros in my life and its a shame that I never mentioned to them that they were my hero.  I will be changing that in the near future.


2 responses to “A date with my step-son

  1. I have a "date" with two special little boys next weekend. I can hardly wait. I love them both so much and just getting some one on one time is precious! I’m glad things went well on your "date".Hug,~ FC

  2. Dates are a wonderful way to make a child feel special. 🙂

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