Funny Story

Last night Kylie was brushing her teeth. I am not sure exactly what
happened but I think she was sitting on the edge of the toilet to put
the toothpaste on her toothbrush. Unfortunately, the toilet lid was up
and she fell back into the toilet. All I heard was the increasing volume of her crying from
the bathroom while I ran there to find out what happened. The poor
little girl was standing in the bathroom crying "Mommy, Mommy"
dripping toilet water on the floor and Piero was telling me that she had fallen into the toilet. Unfortunately, someone had gone to the bathroom in the toilet and didn’t flush it so there was a bit of an ick factor involved.  But when it came right down to it – ick factor aside, it was so incredibly funny that it
was all I could do not to laugh at what was clearly a tragedy for her.

2 responses to “Funny Story

  1. Oh no! It’s so traumatic for the kids, but so funny for us when they fall in! Both of mine have done it, I think maybe it is a childhood rite of passage. I hope she gets over it soon! 😀

  2. Thanks ((Hug))

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