This sums up my familial relationships

After Piero was disrespectful to me, I said that I expected respect from him.  His response was "You don’t deserve any."  That is a direct quote.  Is that something a 7-year-old comes up with or is that something he learns from other family members that can’t seem to show respect towards me?

What do I do with that little boy?  He is continually disrespectful towards me.  I would like to just ignore him and do the bare minimum.


3 responses to “This sums up my familial relationships

  1. My experience has been that my kids go through cycles where they respect me, then they’ll act disrespectful for a little while, like a challenge. I do my best to treat them respectfully (I do lose my temper and yell occasionally), and whenever their behavior is not acceptable I give them a warning ("We treat others with respect") and if they do it again they get a time out. It usually doesn’t go past that. Children do learn what they live, so if he sees or hears others treating you poorly, especially if it is someone he looks up to, then I think it is entirely possible that he is imitating what he sees. Hang in there, hon. Hugs, Jen

  2. Of course he repeats what he hears…all kids do.Hang in there…hugs

  3. That is a very "grown up" thing for someone so young to think up on his own. I do hope it was just said from something he heard on tv.Hugs,~ FC

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