Random points

Why does a cockroach get interested in hanging out in a car?  Last week sometime, I saw a cockroach running around the instrumentation on my dash.  I was so surprised that he dashed off before I could form a cohesive thought.  Great!  On Saturday, I got into my car after the mechanic was done with the car and there it was sitting as pretty as you please next to the rolled down window.  I flicked it out the window.  Good riddance!

As I was driving into the gym parking lot, I saw two deer walking along the edge of the woods with not a care in the world.

This morning, a squirrel was running across the lawn with an oak leaf in its mouth.  He then found a handy spot to start digging.  Is he really doing to bury the entire leaf or did it have some acorns attached that he wanted?

Last night, Piero wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas.  I looked to Eduardo.  He commented how incredibly hard it was to buy for me because I want nothing.  He asked me again.  I pondered that question some more.  He then looked at me with a big smile on his face and said, " I know what you want.  You want peace and quiet."  He nailed that one on the head!  I grabbed him and gave him a big hug and laughed with him.

PS. Sorry I haven’t been writing. I haven’t been in the mood much.


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