Bad Parenting? Check!

Today, you can put an X on the box that says that I will have done everything to put the Christmas spirit into our house for our kids.  This year, the tree is not going up.  I have an old fashioned tree (about 13 years old) that requires you to put every limb in a slot and then arrange the lights and garlands and put on the ornaments.  This job primarily falls to me.  Yes, I might get some help to put the actual tree up but the helper flags by the time we get to the lights and garland.  I end up putting up the majority of the ornaments.  I cooked the Christmas meal by myself.  Last year, I believe that most of the task of putting away Christmas fell to me. 

This year, I am simply too tired mentally and emotionally to invest that time in creating the Christmas spirit for everyone.   Sometime in the  next two weeks, I will rummage around and find the kids stockings so Santa can come.  I will also find a string of lights and tape them to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree.  I will throw together pancakes for breakfast (assuming we have the kids in the morning).  That is it.  

I am not the only parent in the children’s life.  This year, someone else can spearhead the effort and I will be the helper.  I bought the gifts and wrapped them.  I am done.  You can try and guilt me like someone at work is attempting to do but I have made my decision and will not be swayed.   It is true, I would prefer to get that black mark on my record than lead the Christmas spirit in our house.


2 responses to “Bad Parenting? Check!

  1. Hon, please don’t feel bad about your decision, you are not an indentured servant for crying out loud! I’ve deleted the rest of my comment because I don’t want to be a negative nelly, but I would like you to know that I wish things were different for you. Hugs, Jen

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