Monthly Archives: January 2010


January has been the month of ill-health.  I went out New Years Eve with an old friend.  We dined out at an Indian restaurant and then popped back to her house for a chat.  Late that night, early in the morning on Jan 1st.  I fell very ill with a cold.  I started to feel better around the 20th.  On the 23rd, I went out to a Hook-in (with all things to do with rug hooking).  Enter January 25th….. back to a head cold and struggling to put in half days at work.



How embarrassing is this?

The kids got a Wii for Christmas – and not much more I might add.  With the Wii comes a Sports disc.   Bowling is a family favourite and especially a favourite of Kylie.  Last weekend, that girl beat me twice and Eduardo twice in bowling.

Imagine – being beaten by a 4 year old!  Its embarrassing!  And to top it all off, the apparent effort she puts into the actual swing seems pitifully small and yet – strikes all around for her.  Perhaps we should dance a little more while swinging and be a little less serious about our effort.  It might improve our score.