The downside to UP

While out buying Kylie her birthday gift (she turned 5!), Eduardo brought home a Wii game called UP.  This is for ages 10+.  This is not as hard as the Ben10 Alien Force which is clearly for teenagers and adults and not as easy as the Princess game which is for little kids.  It is just perfect for an adult that doesn’t quite have the coordination for Ben10 but is bored out of her skull with the easy-peasy Princess game.   And that adult would apparently be me since I just blew 2 hours last night playing it with Eduardo.    After you get beyond the coordination needed to kill the 4 biplanes, the game is all about thinking out of the box.  Sadly, Eduardo and I got stuck on the first level.  We just can’t think our way past this one obstacle!!! ARGH!!!

And this apparently is the downside: severe addiction!


One response to “The downside to UP

  1. If you just can’t get past it, check the Wii message boards, I’m sure someone’s posted a hint. :DHave a great time playing! Hugs, Jen

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