Snow like I have never seen

  On Friday/Saturday of this last week, we supposedly had some 25 inches of snow generally measured in our area.  At my car, I personally measured 21 inches.  After slaving away over a couple of days, we finally got our cars uncovered.  I even drove my car today for the first time since last Friday.  I have not been at work since Friday at noon.  This has been an incredible amount of snow and I can’t remember getting this much snow at one time at any time in my adult life.  This would include the decade I spent in Canada. 

To make it even more amazing….. we are supposed to get another 10 to 20 inches again tonight.  Will I be at work tomorrow?  Will I find my car?  Will my bones stop aching from all the shoveling? Questions to be answered later this week.


One response to “Snow like I have never seen

  1. I’ve thought of you when I hear reports of the snow in your neck of the woods. Stay warm!

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