Back at work today

The second wave of snow did not seem anywhere near as bad as the first.  I have no idea how much snow we got as you couldn’t really measure it.  It was so windy, I figured that I would not get anywhere close to an accurate reading.  The wind was so strong that we had to pile teddy bears next to the sliding glass doors to prevent the wind from whistling in through the little crack at the bottom.  I discovered yesterday that the reason why it wouldn’t close was not due to ice/snow stuck in the track but a little plastic pencil cap was stuck in the door! ARGH!!!  The little tower of animals did look cute though!

And a recommendation from my TV watching over the last week…. Harper’s Island is an amazing series!  I haven’t finished it yet and it has turned into a bit of a bloodfest in the final episodes but definitely worth watching.  I have been streaming it over my computer.  Gotta love Netflix and their instant play movies!


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