Canada! Canada!

I am so incredibly tired from staying up late to watch the Olympics.  Again, figure skating went until midnight before we knew the outcome.  And what an outcome that was!  For the first time in Olympic history, North America has won a gold medal in the Dance competition.  I have to say… I loved their programs.  I especially thought that their Free Dance was absolutely beautiful.

I also loved the American performance.  It was worthy of the silver.  As much as I would have loved a North American sweep of the medals, the Russians skated better than the other American team and deserved their bronze.  All in all?  It seemed that the scoring matched the watching experience.  Often times, I have NOT thought that.   For example, I did not agree that the scoring in the men’s nor pair’s competition matched up with the watching experience. 

How can a couple that falls do sooooooooooo much better than a cleanly skated program?  Was the rest of their performance really all that spectacular to make up for a fall that lands you on your ass?  Many couples fell and yet still made it ahead of the Canadian team who skated cleanly.  It was disappointing.   In the men’s program,  I really thought that Johnny Weir didn’t get a fair shake.  Like Elvis Stojko,  I am not a huge fan of Weir but, I seriously thought he kicked butt and his program was just so much more than Patrick Chan’s.  Yes, I am Canadian and I have to say that Patrick Chan was a bit of a disappointment.  I have to start off by saying that I don’t particularly like Evgeni Plushenko.  I can’t dispute the fact that he is a powerhouse jumper.  Outside of that?  I think his artistic flair is weak and his programs seem more about powering through than expressing the music.  He is not ALL THAT in my opinion.  Plushenko’s jumps were not perfectly executed and for the little bit extra credit that you get for a quad – I can see where nicely executed jumps and other more complicated elements could overwhelm a harder yet not perfect jump. 

But what really disappointed me in the end about Plushenko was his comments after Lysacek won.  At this level and after this many years of competition,  Plushenko should be a professional in all aspects including losing.  Or maybe he hasn’t come in second enough to know how to lose with class?  This is not the kind of attitude I want my step-son to see from professional athletes whose reaction to competition is broadcast across the world.  In general, most of the athletes(I saw one other incident in skiing) have shown great sportsmanship and I have been proud to watch the Olympics with my step-son. Olympians, thank you for showing my son what it means to be a world-class competitor!


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