How to care for your mate

This week, I have started listening to an audio book called Wesley the Owl.  The kids have been completely fascinated by it and I have to say that it has certainly caught my interest too.  Today, I walked into work laughing my head off at the last event that was being discussed by the book.  It was a great start to the day….

Wesley the owl has imprinted with his female ‘mommy’.  Once he became sexually mature, he decided to turn his ‘mommy’ into his mate.  The biologist who has raised him suspects that is probably a good thing as owls are extremely solitary except towards mates and he might have started seeing her as an adversary rather than a loved one.  At any rate, Wesley starts building nests made out of stripped up magazines and attempting to lure his mate into these dark places – like closets and cupboards in order to mate with her arm.  As well, he starts doing other things that owls do when they take on their mate – like taking care of each other.  So one day… the biologist is taking a nap and wakes up suddenly when a mouse gets dropped into her mouth.  Wesley, in his desire to take care of his mate, has decided to feed her!  Now that is true love!

This is a great book and if you are interested in learning about owls in general and this owl in particular, I recommend that you pick it up.  It might be at your local library since this is where I picked it up.


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