Another green step

I have finally taken the plunge and bought reusable sanitary napkins.  I have heard repeatedly that this will be a cost savings.

I have a very light period that requires very little protection so I purchased 10 panty liners which should get me through from start to finish.   Cost: 40$ from Esty.
I did not purchase the cheapest option but it was pretty darned close to the bottom in terms of price. 

So AFTER making my purchase, I decided to perform a cost analysis.  Hmm… clearly those savings must be for women that use significantly more disposable product than I do.  It is going to take me about 3 (going on 4) years to use up 40$ worth of disposable product. 

There are many times that I simply haven’t seen the cost savings that I expected based on what I had heard being bandied about.


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