This is taking how long?

I have decided that I am going to redo my bedroom after Eduardo leaves.   This is the one room of my house that was not particularly decorated by me but by other people.  I need to get those other people out of my bedroom and start fresh.

So… the bedroom was painted chocolate brown(lower) and grey(upper) with a border of deer in the middle.   The ceiling is painted grey and the very expensive blinds that I bought are chocolate brown.  I am not repainting that ceiling – it was a bitch the first time.  I am not ditching the very expensive blinds.  Those two decisions mean that I will be sticking with the brown and grey colour scheme.  But can I make it look like a complete overhaul despite that?  I believe that I can.  The wall paper is going to be stripped off (1/3 done already).  The lower part of two walls are already repainted grey.  The upper part of the two remaining walls need to be painted chocolate brown.  I will be painting a geometric design on the chocolate brown walls in pink, mint green and lavender.   I will be rearranging the furniture as I never really liked the current layout.

And my current project is the bed…. Eduardo and I gave away the bed I owned before I met him to Kelly.  We then bought a very nice mattress and box spring.  But that mattress is only on a frame with little wheels and has no headboard or footboard.  Those little wheels drive me nuts as it makes the bed move marginally even on the carpet.  I was all prepared to purchase a new bed frame for the mattress when I looked at a Youtube video about plastic garbage.   I decided to try to find a second-hand bed instead.  If I didn’t find one in in the 45 days left before Eduardo left then I would purchase a new one.   Well… I found a nice metal bedframe that is reasonably unique on Craigslist.  I borrowed a friend’s truck on Friday and spent the whole evening going to get it, unload it and return my friend’s truck.  I was completely beat at the end of the night.  Saturday… I ignored it.  Sunday, I sanded it down and primed it.  One can of spray paint is now waiting to be disposed of.  On Monday,  I painted the first coat.  The paint itself is free as I am using the leftover grey trim paint to paint it.  Yesterday, I painted the second coat and then spray painted the side boards with a clear coat to protect the paint from chipping.   It was so incredibly annoying to paint it last night because the paint was drying as fast as I could put the paint on.  Definitely made it difficult to try to do a good job.  One sponge paint brush hit the garbage can.  I will be spray painting the clear coat on the footboard tonight and tomorrow will be the headboard.  I suspect another spray can will hit the disposal pile.  It is boggling my mind that it has basically taken a week for me to get a bedframe ready for my bed.  And this doesn’t even include repainting the 2 end tables that came with it.  I am leaving that for another day.

So, in terms of waste… was a sponge paint brush and 2 spray cans of paint better than the production cost and packaging of a new bed?  I can tell you it was cheaper on the pocketbook to the tune of about 100$ and I got two end tables thrown in.   In terms of my time?  Ate up whole bunches more.    


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