The Ugly Side

Our complex is redoing all of the piping for the centralized A/C system.  The piping has been failing with numerous leaks over the last two years.  These leaks have gradually added up to a fair amount of money so they decided to quit the repair hemorrhaging and just replace it all.  They are running the new pipe in a different spot so the ‘replacement’ only affects us when they decide to tie in the new lines to the existing piping under the buildings.   And that tie in of Phase 1 started Monday afternoon.  Monday was a reasonably cool day and night so not much impact.  Tuesday was a little more obnoxious but it cooled down at night so you could sorta, kinda sleep.  And last night was seriously the last straw.  It was hot.  It was humid.  The kids couldn’t sleep without a fan and I was getting hot and sweaty waiting for the kids to fall asleep (we only own 1 fan).  I seriously wanted to walk into that room and say… It is not my fault you can’t fall asleep quickly and rip that fan right out of the bedroom and let them suffer.  Instead, I resisted my ugly side and went out on the balcony and called a friend.

If I am left alone, I can handle hot and humid weather without too much muss and fuss but the slightest little rock in the boat (and believe me it doesn’t take much) and my ugly side comes out and it is not pretty.  I am grumpy, grouchy and completely unreasonable.

I am happy to report that I got up at 5am this morning to test the A/C and it was back on!  I closed all the windows and doors and went back to bed.  Other than the fact that I am incredibly tired from not sleeping well these last couple of nights… I feel like the ugly side has slunk away.


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