My friend is back

At the beginning of last week, I went to the trial of a friend.  He has
been accused of sexually molesting the minor child that lived in the
same house as he did.  He spent 10 1/2 months in jail awaiting trial.

Having never spent any time in a courthouse either here or in Canada,
it was very interesting to listen to the different events that were
happening in court that day.  We ended up spending the entire day in
court because his trial was last.   I don’t know the last time that I
was this stressed out by an event in my life.  The longer the trial
lasted (in total about 2 hours), the more nervous I got about the
outcome.  In my opinion, the trial did not seem to be going in favour
of my friend which really contributed to my anxiety.   I can not
imagine what kind of stress my friend was under as it was his life that
was on the line.  Even the judge’s final statement was nerve-wracking
but sweeter words were never heard when he said that the Commonwealth
of Virginia had not proven their case and my friend was found
innocent.  They whisk the prisoner out of the court so quickly that he
was already gone before you processed the fact that he was innocent and

We were all in a celebratory mood and were waiting for him to call us
to tell us that he was through the process of being freed from jail. 
Unfortunately, the paperwork got messed up and he was not released
until the following day.  It was a harrowing night and morning as we
were all waiting to find out what was going wrong.

When I finally saw him the next day, it was so wonderful to actually
touch him and speak to him in person.  Despite the fact that we have
known each other for close to half our lives, it was awkward to
reconnect in some ways.  Should it have been?  I don’t know.  I do know
that it is a wonderful thing that we can now call each other whenever
we want.  My friend is back.


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