Goodbye Direct TV

I have canceled my dish service effective July 4th.  I don’t know if I will end up reconnecting it or not but I want to give life a shot without mainstream TV.   Starting July 4th, I will be using either or Netflix to stream video to my TV.   I have done this in the past on my computer when I haven’t been able to get to the TV due to other folks using it.  And yes, I realize that on July 4th, I will be all by myself and no longer have to share but that is not the point.

Dish is 65$ a month.  Even if I reduce the package to the basic package, it is still 45$ a month.  Internet connection is 30$ a month.  I will have this no matter what so I can work from home.   So why not take advantage of the money I am already spending for my internet connection and use it for TV viewing?  I am also subscribed to Netflix for 9$ a month.   This gets me 1 DVD at a time and unlimited streaming.   Again, why not take advantage of this and stream even more videos?  

In fact, I will probably increase my internet connection (I have the lowest bandwidth package) for 10$… hmmm… I just did some quick research on the internet and it seems that what I am being charged for isn’t listed.  I pay 29.99 and the lowest regular rate is 32.99.  It seems that the next regular rate is 44.99.  Maybe I won’t be increasing my service right away.   I actually get a really decent picture as it is so I think I will wait on this.

Well ok… so maybe not increasing the speed on my internet connection… but I will be changing my Netflix package to 2 DVDs at a time with unlimited streaming.   So I increase my Netflix by 5$ but I save 65$ by canceling the dish.  A net savings of 60$ a month is a weeks worth of groceries.  When looked at it this way, I suppose it is small potatoes.

But what will it do for my TV watching habits?   Will I still watch TV just as much but simply using a different method of delivery or will I actually watch less TV?   Will my TV viewing be more focused?  Right now, I often will walk away from the TV and do something else – especially during commercials.  Commercials are going to be a thing of the past so no popping up during commercials to empty the dishwasher or put away my clothes.   Maybe I will move away from TV watching and start reading…. or head outside… or?  Nobody knows – including me.


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