The gem amongst trash

A few weeks ago, I found myself next to a huge thrift store with some time to spare.  I thought I would head in and see what they had to offer.   I always, always walk down the housewares aisle in the faint hope that I might find some Visionware pots.  They sometimes do have the pots but the type with Teflon and I don’t cook with Teflon.   As always, they didn’t have any of the pots I was looking for but amongst the glass bakeware I spied something equally as valuable.  Nestled on the shelf was a yellow glass mixing bowl and a blue glass mixing bowl.  They were clearly not from the same set  as one had a white band and the other did not.  These are those white glass nested mixing bowls that came in yellow, red, blue and green.  My Mom had (and I think still has) a set when I was little.  I saw a complete 3 bowl set in excellent shape selling for 90$ at an antique store.  These weren’t so great but they were only selling for 2 or 3$ a piece.  Next to them was an almost complete set of clear Pyrex mixing bowls.   The second largest bowl was missing.  I snatched them up to along with a smaller GE glass bowl (I assume from a mixer?).  I got all 6 bowls for 20$.  My work horse mixing bowls were plastic from the 80s.   Since nobody was worried about anything leaching from plastic in the 80s, I can only imagine what they might have been made of.  I am happy to replace them with the glass bowls.  Eduardo and Kelly aren’t concerned about stuff like that so I gave them the mixing bowls. 

I feel like I really scored in all areas here.  I got rid of suspect plastic in my house without putting a single item into the landfill and I get to use these beautiful bowls.  The yellow bowl especially will bring back memories of the kitchen of my childhood.


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