The moment of truth

This weekend is the weekend that we will tell the kids that change is afoot.  Supposedly, the kids have not been told.  Some things have been happening but it is entirely possible that the kids are too small to connect the dots of what they are seeing with what the future holds.  I don’t know if we are going to do it together or if Eduardo is going to have me do it.  Either way, I suppose it doesn’t matter.  I would say the same thing no matter what.

What I wish I knew was how the kids are going to take it.  Are they going to be mad? Sad? Hurt?  No impact at all?  No impact at all would be best but I think I will be a little hurt that my time with the kids meant so little to them.   Maybe their happiness that their father and mother will be living together will override any sadness that they might feel about me not being in their lives to the same extent.

And I wonder what my relationship with the children will be like.  Will the parents let me see them?  Can I see them on my schedule or only when it is convenient to them?  Do the kids want to continue to see me?  Can I continue my relationship with them despite my anger towards the parents?

So many questions.  So few answers.


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