Today is a good day

Today, I just wrote a cheque for half of the money owed on my car loan.  I have been saving this up since March.  What a great feeling to be able to almost wipe this loan out.   Once I get this loan paid off, I will be in the same financial situation I was in before I got married.   And at that point, I need to sit down with my finances and start planning for my future.

Today, I am sore all over.  This is a good sore.  This is a sore caused by all the hard work I have been doing redecorating/cleaning up the condo in preparation for this new phase of my life.   Dining room is all cleaned up except for the rugs.  Part of the kitchen is cleaned up.  Bedroom carpet is steam cleaned.  Wallpaper is stripped off the walls.  Two coats of primer have been applied and one coat of paint.  Tonight I am putting on another two coats of paint.  Tomorrow, I am putting up all the tape for the design and priming the design in preparation for the actual paint.

Today, I can see actual progress on this new chapter in my life. And what a contrast it is to the break-up I had with Leonardo.  I went back to look over my blog entries from September 2005 and I was so lost as I tried to cope with entering a new chapter in my life that I wasn’t prepared for and didn’t want.   I could see no future after the end of that relationship.  Today, my future stretches out before me and I look forward to living it to its fullest.


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