I am insane!

Having gotten up AGAIN at 6am to paint, I have officially declared myself insane.   It took me two hours to paint the ceiling and the remaining wall.  I have another 2 hours to put on the second coat and then maybe another 30 minutes to put a final third coat on the wall.

Now if that wasn’t enough I have decided that I just want to get this painting done and I am trying to power through painting the bathroom!  Today I am going to try to finish up the wall repairs near the tub (been working on that for the last two nights), wash the walls and tape the walls.  Mike is coming to visit and said he would help.  WooHoo!  The bathroom isn’t that big but at least half of the painting is going to be by hand.

And despite all that… painting chores will still not be complete.  I will have the trim in the kitchen to do (including a door) and trim in the bathroom (including a door and a shelving unit).  I may attempt that next week?  And then of course there is all of the touch-up painting to do in the main living area of the paint job I did 4 years ago.


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