My travel story

Last week I went to Boston for work.  I arrived safely but my luggage did not.

I swear that someone went through my luggage with malicious intent.  I
opened up my luggage at the hotel and a tube of lotion with a screw top
was separated from its top.  Lotion was everywhere.  All of my Advil in a
plastic baggie (along with a couple of other items like q-tips) had
escaped the bag and some of them were completely pulverized and mixed in
with the lotion.  I have often traveled with things in this baggie and
never had ALL of the items end up outside of the baggie.  So here I am
grumbling about what the heck they did while handling my bag when a
Starburst candy fell out of my clothes while I removed them from the
bag.  I don’t eat Starburst candy.  I can’t even remember the last time
it was even in my household (my ex ate them).  It was absolutely not
possible to have that candy appear in my luggage without some kind of
outside intervention.  All of the clothes in my luggage came from the
laundry I had just washed so I can’t imagine how a ‘stray’ Starburst
left over from our relationship could just get slipped in with the
clothing.  Everything is cleaned up but what a complete pain.


One response to “My travel story

  1. UGH! I am sorry that happened to you! 😦

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