6 week check-up

It has been 6 weeks since our separation.  I am sleeping better.  I am more relaxed and less stressed.  It took some time for my mind and body to realize that it was all over but now that it has, it is turning a new corner on what normal feels like.

I am content to be single.  It does not bother me in the slightest to spend most evenings and big chunks of time during the weekend alone.  In fact, I relish it. I have some kind of sadness that occasionally creeps up that nobody loves me in a romantic, passionate way but that sadness in no way motivates me to think about dating.  I think it would be nice to spend some time hanging with someone but I don’t know how to find someone without it turning into a date type relationship and I absolutely don’t want to deal with the game of dating.

I always sprang back pretty quickly from the end of relationships including ones that ended fairly badly in terms of my own emotions.  Within a month or two, I was thinking about starting dating again.  A perfect example was breaking up with Enrique.  I broke up with him in the middle of May.  Before the end of June, I had put on ad on CraigsList.  I felt that I was ready to move on and that included dating.  Not this time.  I might have moved on emotionally but apparently that doesn’t include dating.


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