Spare time? Who has that?

Today I was offered my second job back.  I took it.  It will be funding my emergency fund.  All of the money from that job will be funneled into my emergency fund.  In this economy, I really thing an emergency fund in case of lay-off is important.  This should really help with a budgeting process that was looking fairly ugly in terms of trying to make the money stretch over all the things I wanted/needed to fund.

It will also make me a busy woman as I work 56 hour work weeks + the double commute.  It will be interesting to see how I weather this single compared to when I did it with a family.

You would have seen in my blog a stationary graph of the first month of my emergency fund just sitting there at 81%.  This was our joint emergency fund that I was tracking.  Funding it fell by the wayside due to the marital issues.  I have now restarted that tracking.  You will note it says 2nd month and not first.  I have had a small CD since before I was married that I haven’t touched.  This holds enough money to pay for a month’s expenses so I have a bit of a head start on the emergency thing.  I will now be working on my second month.  My goal is to have my second month funded by Jan 1st.


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