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4 Generations

L to R: Mom,  Great Grandma Q, Me, Grandma C


Not enough garbage

I figured that once Eduardo had left the house, my garbage accumulation would go drastically down.   And drastically down it has gone.     In fact, it has gone down so much that I have a new problem that I am having a hard time grappling with.

I have an 8 gallon garbage pail.  It is quite a small pail really but it might as well be one of those 30 gallon monstrosities when it comes to trying to fill it up in a timely manner.  And apparently you must fill up your garbage pail in a timely manner or else…

Has anyone heard of little white worms being hatched in their garbage can?  Could they have been maggots?  I don’t know.  I just know that it had been a couple of weeks and my garbage can still wasn’t full but when I opened it up (I keep the garbage bag tied shut since I use it so little), I noticed these little brownish white ‘seeds’ scattered around the top.  On closer inspection, I saw that there was a little white worm among them.


So I threw it into another garbage bag and then went around to my dry trash and emptied them and managed to get a basically full bag which then went out the door.

What do I do with my wet trash?  I don’t like using the garbage disposal.  I seem to have troubles using it and larger bits and pieces don’t get crushed and I end up having to fish them out and throw them in the garbage anyways.  In fact, I would like to actually remove my garbage disposal and use the circuit for an over the oven microwave.  I have nowhere to compost although vermiculture has been on my mind lately.

Who knew that lack of garbage could also be an issue!

Hello from WordPress

I think I must have my head in the sand since this it the first that I have heard of Spaces going away.  Welcome all to the new site of my blog.

Is there an all?  I haven’t seen too many comments recently.

Where is that budget?

In August, I set-up a nice little budget that would pay all my bills and start funding some special accounts.  I was going to start it in September.  It actually all worked out quite well; I was able to fund my additional accounts with more money than I was expecting. One of my funds was a cat fund that I wanted to build up to pay for Timmie’s geriatric care and fund the purchase of a purebred when she passed away.  Well that two year plan to come up with the available funds came to a screeching halt when Timmie decided to follow her own plan and passed away even before I got my first pay cheque in September.   The only part of the budget that has been working out for me is the money I have been setting aside for my emergency fund.  That is going as planned and you can see that I already have 50% of my second month set aside.

So now all of my extra money in September is being devoted to paying Timmie’s medical bills for her final night.  And I am happy to report that all of October’s extra money is going to be going towards my next baby.  I have been approved to adopt a purebred Devon Rex female calico kitten.   I haven’t yet decided on a name but my choices are currently: Bailey, Casey, Taylor and Lila.   I looked at a ton of names and other names made it onto my ‘lets think about this’ list but I have managed to narrow it down to these four.

So… what do you think?  Worth delaying my budget for an extra month?  She will be coming home in the first week or two of November.

And I expect to start my budget with my first pay cheque in November. So life?  no more surprises  please!

Embracing Technology

I went one step further in moving away from the standard to the new.  I now go through more audio books than paper books these days.  Two years ago, Eduardo gave me a MP3 player.  I think he despaired of me ever using it for anything as it sat in its original box until yesterday.   Yesterday, I pulled it out and managed to load on an MP3 audiobook downloaded from my public library to listen to it while I worked out on the gym.  Pair this with the books on CD that I listen to in the car and at home while I cook and clean and I will probably go through 2 books on CD, an MP3 book and 2 paper books in 2 weeks.   I might even start listening to my MP3 book at work.  We will have to see if I can concentrate on my job and listen to a book at the same time.

Combine this with the pitching of my cable and I am rushing headlong into the digital age!

Timmie – Aug 1998 to Sept 5 2010

Timmie died on Sept 5th 2010 at 4:25am at SouthPaw Emergency Hospital.  She was a loving and faithful companion for 12 years and will be sorely missed by myself, Eduardo and the children.  I, personally, am still having a problem imagining life without her.

I think my favourite story about Timmie is this one….

Eduardo used to get up at 5am and leave the house at 5:20.  The second that front door closed on Eduardo, Timmie would hop up onto the bed and continue sleeping with me until my alarm went off at 7am.    If Eduardo should fail to get out of bed with his alarm clock, he had a back-up plan.  Somewhere around 5:20 to 5:22, I would get woken up by Timmie meowing at the side of the bed.  I would roll over, discover it was 5:20ish and then turn back and poke Eduardo until he got out of bed.  All satisfied that Eduardo was complying with the schedule,  Timmie would hop up on the bed to continue sleeping.  Eduardo would invariably complain that Timmie wasn’t a very good alarm clock because she wouldn’t get him up at 5am.  I always replied that she was the perfect alarm clock – she got him up exactly according to her schedule – his schedule was completely irrelevant to her.