Where is that budget?

In August, I set-up a nice little budget that would pay all my bills and start funding some special accounts.  I was going to start it in September.  It actually all worked out quite well; I was able to fund my additional accounts with more money than I was expecting. One of my funds was a cat fund that I wanted to build up to pay for Timmie’s geriatric care and fund the purchase of a purebred when she passed away.  Well that two year plan to come up with the available funds came to a screeching halt when Timmie decided to follow her own plan and passed away even before I got my first pay cheque in September.   The only part of the budget that has been working out for me is the money I have been setting aside for my emergency fund.  That is going as planned and you can see that I already have 50% of my second month set aside.

So now all of my extra money in September is being devoted to paying Timmie’s medical bills for her final night.  And I am happy to report that all of October’s extra money is going to be going towards my next baby.  I have been approved to adopt a purebred Devon Rex female calico kitten.   I haven’t yet decided on a name but my choices are currently: Bailey, Casey, Taylor and Lila.   I looked at a ton of names and other names made it onto my ‘lets think about this’ list but I have managed to narrow it down to these four.

So… what do you think?  Worth delaying my budget for an extra month?  She will be coming home in the first week or two of November.

And I expect to start my budget with my first pay cheque in November. So life?  no more surprises  please!


2 responses to “Where is that budget?

  1. Cute little thing for sure.

  2. Cute little thing for sure.

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