Not enough garbage

I figured that once Eduardo had left the house, my garbage accumulation would go drastically down.   And drastically down it has gone.     In fact, it has gone down so much that I have a new problem that I am having a hard time grappling with.

I have an 8 gallon garbage pail.  It is quite a small pail really but it might as well be one of those 30 gallon monstrosities when it comes to trying to fill it up in a timely manner.  And apparently you must fill up your garbage pail in a timely manner or else…

Has anyone heard of little white worms being hatched in their garbage can?  Could they have been maggots?  I don’t know.  I just know that it had been a couple of weeks and my garbage can still wasn’t full but when I opened it up (I keep the garbage bag tied shut since I use it so little), I noticed these little brownish white ‘seeds’ scattered around the top.  On closer inspection, I saw that there was a little white worm among them.


So I threw it into another garbage bag and then went around to my dry trash and emptied them and managed to get a basically full bag which then went out the door.

What do I do with my wet trash?  I don’t like using the garbage disposal.  I seem to have troubles using it and larger bits and pieces don’t get crushed and I end up having to fish them out and throw them in the garbage anyways.  In fact, I would like to actually remove my garbage disposal and use the circuit for an over the oven microwave.  I have nowhere to compost although vermiculture has been on my mind lately.

Who knew that lack of garbage could also be an issue!


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