Plastic Free and Food Allergy testing doesn’t mix

I have been working to get as plastic free as possible in my eating over the last 1.5 years. In general I was down to about 2-3 oz a month. I still had some things I wasn’t willing to give up such as General Foods coffee, cheese and the occasional cracker but mostly I had gotten there.

And then I wondered if I had a food allergy and I can tell that my plastic consumption is rising! Now I have gotten rid of those pasta windows and milk caps and GF lids but I have gathered in plastic bags for carrots (and soon cauliflower) and rice crackers like nobody’s business. I am eating 5lbs or more of carrots a week, I am not buying organic carrots to fulfill that need so I am back to purchasing el cheapo carrots. And cauliflower is the next most non-obnoxious vegetable I could find and of course it is always wrapped in plastic no matter where you go.

Everything is going as well as can be expected with the food restrictions. I think I am doing much better.


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