Meet Bailey… no Ella… no Frankie… maybe not Frankie… ARGH!

The kitten arrived last Friday. Although I had seen pictures of her, I was still not prepared for how exotic she looked. I am also not sure I am prepared for how unusual she acts for a cat. She is definitely different than your regular old stray. I think this led to an extremely difficult time naming her. I looked at lists and lists of names. Discarded my original list, went back to my original list, came up with the name Frankie, felt like I should discard Frankie for some other choice that wasn’t yet decided on and then came back to Frankie. I have no idea if Frankie is the right name or not but it is the name she has. And like her, Frankie is an exotic choice for a girl’s name. According to this site , Frankie was far more popular as a girls name in the late 1800s than a boy’s name. In the 1920’s it started to gain popularity as a boy’s name with equal numbers of boys and girls being given the name in the 1930’s. At that point, its popularity for girls dropped like a rock to essentially disappear in the early 1970s. So, I am resurrecting an old-fashioned girl’s name for my baby.

I have pics and will post them at some point. I promise.


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