Frankie and her friends

Apparently, Frankie came up from Florida with a bunch of uninvited friends and it is creating havoc in my house. On Saturday evening, I noticed a flea on her and picked it off. Another flea seen on her Sunday had me looking more closely and on Monday, I got Harmony some Frontline to make sure the fleas didn’t jump ship. She lost hair at the site of application and is now a little bald. Frankie had significant flea dirt on her so she has had fleas for a while. On Tuesday, I decided to take her to the vet so I could get some flea medication for her. I couldn’t get anything for her without making a vet appointment. I wasn’t particularly with it, so I forgot that a fecal test had already been done on Frankie (by the breeder’s vet) and allowed my vet to do one. When I got home and realized my mistake, I was cursing the waste of money as I was applying Revolution to Frankie. And then I discovered that Harmony had diarrhea and had an accident on the carpet. That was pretty disgusting to clean up. About an hour later she vomited up food. Now I am worried. So Wednesday rolls around and the vet calls. Frankie has coccidia (an intestinal parasite) and since Harmony has diarrhea, she probably has it now too. A third stop at the vets to get the medication on Wednesday night. Harmony fights me like you wouldn’t believe when I try to give it to her and this morning she throws up her dose. Poor Harmony. The kitten is scampering around like there is nothing wrong and Harmony is being done in by the parasites she brought in.

So I write an email to the breeder explaining these woes and suggesting she look into her own cats. And then I whip out the sales agreement and decide to read it. Frankie comes with a guarantee that she will be free of external and internal parasites. I didn’t ask the breeder for reimbursement of my vet expenses (some 200$ at this point) because I didn’t realize she came with this guarantee so I am curious to see how she responds to my email.


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