Got Milk? Absolutely NOT!

After suffering for most of last week, I can safely say that milk will no longer be part of my diet.

I started drinking milk on Friday. I had one cup on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. On Sunday, about mid-afternoon, I started to get stomach cramps. I ate at Chuck E Cheese (chicken wings and fries) which was probably a mistake because it confused everything. I then proceeded to drink milk until late Wednesday night. This entire time I had tons of gas and stomach cramps. I felt better by Thursday afternoon which still left me wondering about the chicken and fries. On Friday, I was going to get more milk and keep going but the pain came back. At this point, I decided that it seemed unlikely that my lunch on Sunday was STILL bothering me 5 days later and it was likely milk. Saturday and Sunday, I felt fine.

So… my first introduction failed miserably and I am still eating the same basic diet that I have eaten for the last 5+ weeks.

Yesterday, I broke my diet a bit to go out to a potluck. I had carrots (on restricted diet) and hummus which contained chickpeas and sesame seeds (not on restricted diet). This morning, I feel a little crampy and hope it is simply a coincidence and nothing more. Will I not be able to add anything to my diet successfully? I hope to start adding peanut butter on Wednesday.


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