Monthly Archives: January 2011

Thinking about plastic again

Over at Fake Plastic Fish there is a chance to win some items if you engage in a month long plastic challenge. I am up for winning some items and I definitely need to think about the plastic I throw out. This challenge is for all things plastic so it will be more than just food.

It will be interesting to see how much I have backslid. I know some things will end up in the plastic bucket that weren’t there before. For instance… I won’t be buying milk in glass containers. My ‘milk’ now comes in those plasticized milk cartons.

And speaking of milk. I couldn’t cut it with Lactaid. It was nasty tasting. Soy milk was next and although I didn’t enjoy the first few days, I think I am getting used to it. I will probably try almond milk next and decide if I am going to continue with anything or just go back to juice and water.


Oh bother…

On Christmas Day, I received a text from Gil saying Merry Christmas. On New Years Eve, I called him back and left a message. He called me back and we chatted for an hour or so. We made arrangements to see each other in the New Year. And we did… last night for about an hour.

I walked him to the car and we hugged. A couple of times. And that place in my heart that tells me if I am interested…. its interested. And I told it to shut up and behave itself. I am absolutely not rushing into anything with anyone until I can figure out if he can treat me properly. Pattie isn’t so far off when she says I need someone who can treat me right. Not repeating the past.

And this guy I met on and seems nice, punctual and respectful? That place in my heart seems to be completely silent. Usually by now, I would have told him I wasn’t interested but friends have been saying I need to give these guys a chance and not base my interest on the first few dates. So I have gone out with him a number of times and that place in my heart is still silent. There is a bit of a physical spark but I think that is due to just being combustible (a friend’s terminology) because it has been a long time since I my body has gotten near a man.

There is just no understanding attraction.