Monthly Archives: February 2011

Silence is Golden?

There seems to be nothing to talk about these days. I have absolutely no drama.

I told the guy I met on that I wasn’t interested in more than friendship. I haven’t heard from him since. Of the two guys that I was interested in (who were already friends) – one disappeared from my life and the other is simply not interested. We are still friends because I am certainly not throwing a great friend out on the street just because he isn’t interested in more than friendship. I am not dating anyone so I don’t have any dating stories to tell.

I never write about work. Lots of drama actually happening there but I must be silent. The stories I could tell there… something funny/sad/pathetic happens every week.

Eduardo and the kids? We have gotten into a routine. It suits me. I often find him completely unfathomable but as long as he shows up when he says he is going to and does what he says he is going to do – then all is good and I don’t think too hard on it. He has been helping me with my kitchen renovation which has been a real help financially since electricians are expensive.

I suppose I could speak about my kitchen renewal. I think you all have been lucky that I haven’t since I have been driving friends, family and co-workers absolutely bonkers with my obsessing on exactly what I am going to do. Perhaps I will throw up a post on that sometime in the near future.

What am I doing in my free time? Really nothing since I work all the time. I do bits and pieces of my quilting and cross-stitching and work on gathering all the info I need to start my work on the kitchen. Some of the work has already started but the real work won’t be starting until April or May sometime. I guess I best figure out how to make time for that since I will be installing the flooring myself.

Still alive… just not much to tell.