New financial goals

Not sure if you noticed that my sidebar has changed and my emergency fund is now funded for 4 months. This is where I had decided to stop before moving on to my next goal – chopping down my mortgage.

Originally, my mortgage was going to end when I was 69 years old. With some minor additional payments in my mortgage, I have chopped off one year of my mortgage. But I still think that paying on my mortgage until I am 68 is a serious financial issue. I don’t want to be retired and paying this mortgage nor do I want to be forced to work until I am 68 to pay it. So…. my goal is to make additional payments until I have 7 years paid off and I can finish my mortgage when I am 62.

My goal is to accomplish this by the end of 2012. Naturally, this means that I will be keeping my second job until the end of 2012. I have pretty much accepted that I will be working my life away for the next 2 years but I hope the pay-off in the end is a much more secure financial future.


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