I love nobody this much…

I decided to make a queen size quilt for my bed. After all that effort I put into painting my bedroom, I figured I needed a quilt that went with it for the bed. Since last July, I started collecting fabrics for the quilt top. In January, I started sewing the top together. I got it completed last weekend. This week, I took two days off work to put the three layers together. It took me 12 hours – almost 10 of them hand basting the three layers together. That was 12 hours on my hands and knees on your complex’s party room floor with a needle in my hand. I now have one bloodied fingertip, 2 blistered fingertips and strained muscles all over my body. The only thing that miraculously doesn’t hurt is my back.

Nobody…. and I mean nobody… is getting a queen sized quilt out of me for a gift. I don’t love anyone enough to incur this kind of pain. I am not even sure I love myself this much. I do have a queen sized quilt cut out (for me) so I will probably do this exercise one more time but then I am done unless I am willing to farm this out to someone else and pay for it. It is simply not worth it for the time, energy and pain.


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