Panic not… YouTube is here

I am progressing on my kitchen renovation.  Two weekends ago, I ripped up my carpet and removed the tacking strip.  This is when I discovered that my concrete floor was uneven.  In fact, very uneven all along the outside wall and there was a nice low spot in the middle of the floor.  As well… there were two holes in the concrete open to the void below.  I spent the last week painting 1/4″ round trim, grinding down the high spots, scraping off the adhesive and using silicone sealant to fill up the holes.  I even tried to seal the back corner because it had quite the drop-off and I was concerned that there might be a hole to the ‘void’.

I was ready to level the floor.  Well… in theory…..  Leveling the floor is much like having a baby apparently.  Everything is ready with a horror story about what went wrong when they or a friend did it.  I did lots of goggling and watching of YouTube videos but quite frankly I was terrified.  I begged recruited a friend to help me because I was very concerned it needed to be a two person job.  It was definitely a two person job and I am glad he agreed to help me in my time of need.

Leveling the floor turned out to be not that hard.  Although it wasn’t that complicated, I hope that I never have to repeat this experience again because it was hard and dirty work.  My friend Neil mixed up the next bucket while I scooped out the previous.  He also had to carry the bucket over to the area that I was working.  26 cups of water + 50 lbs of water is darned heavy.  I scooped out the leveling mixture and spread it around with a trowel.  Each bag took 7 minutes to mix and about that long to get onto the floor.  It didn’t dry in the 5 minutes that everything was threatening you with.  We had the whole floor poured in 30 minutes and by then you could already see that the first area I did was setting up.

I think we might have had a crack in the floor in the corner that I tried to seal.   I didn’t see any obvious crack that might have led to the void below.  Despite that, I still decided to seal the corner – just in case.   I truly don’t know if there was a crack or the high spot in the floor simply prevented the leveling compound from running into the area  but that corner ended up 1/4 inch lower than the rest of the flooring.  The low spot is about 21 inches long and 6 inches wide along the edge of the wall starting from the corner.  The rest of the problem spot along the wall ended up leveling out.

That low spot is simply too large to ignore so tonight, I am buying patching compound and repairing it.  Not sure if the other side of the high spot is within the 1/8″ level requirement but I want to keep the patching  to a minimum so I don’t screw up what I did last night.  At this point, the floor is far better than it was and it is what it is.  I will be putting the floating floor over it.

I am expecting the flooring on Thursday and plan to install it on Tuesday.

And what did this add to the bottom line?

3 bags of leveling compound: 90$
1/2″ heavy duty drill and mixing paddle: 65$
2 buckets for mixing: 5$
Hand scraper: 5$
Epoxy: 8$
Patching Compound: 15$

Leveling a floor is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.


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