New Job

I put in my resignation at my current job and will be moving to a new job on April 18th.   It was time to move on.  I was getting jaded and cynical by the processes here.  My moral was increasingly being lowered by the new rules that were being implemented.   One of the main reasons why I came here was because of its generous benefits and flexibility.  It was being increasingly less flexible to the point that I was being forced into working a specific schedule determined by people that weren’t even in my chain of command and the benefits were not what they were when I started.  Add in the fact that someone was acting like my primary job was to be at their beck and call and preventing me from doing my actual job and I had had enough.

I had been looking for a job for a long time and I am now happy to report that I have found a new position.  The company is treating me very decently so far and I can only hope that it continues on like that.   I am not one to talk a lot about work on my blog and I suspect that will continue.   I will be traveling in this job and I might get an opportunity to talk about the places I go.


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