Floating floor today… the world tomorrow

On Tuesday, I took a half day off work in order to install the floating floor in my dining room.  Someone from work was supposed to help me because I had never done this before and wanted someone to teach me.  I called him at noon to tell him that I had gotten home and discovered that he was babysitting for his cousin.  He wasn’t going to be able to make it and wasn’t sure when he could come over.  Darn it all!

I had to install this floor now.  I am starting my new job and wouldn’t have time later and I was sick and tired of having my dining room spread out in my living room and bedroom.  So I started….

3 hours later, I had finished 3 rows.  I was struggling to put them together and couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to be doing.  Finally, I think it clicked on the fourth row and things started moving along faster as I figured out the basic technique and started improving on it.  By the end of the room, I was barely slowed up by the fact that I had to install the last row between the previous row of planks and the wall.  I remembered something about using a crowbar from HGTV so I got out my trusty crowbar and figured out how to use the crowbar to put the rows together.  It took me 8 hours to do the flooring and then another 1.5 to 2 hours to clean up, put in silicone caulking along one wall and install the quarter round on that wall.  That is the only moulding I am doing until Dave comes to help me in June.  A friend came by to help me move the furniture in and take me out to supper.

Verdict?  It wasn’t as close a match to the wall as the sample was.  It is too yellow.  I am hoping that this yellow will fade as the documentation says that linoleum has a yellow cast to it when it comes out of the factory.   The blue is the right colour so all is not lost.  I will see how I feel about it a couple of weeks from now.

I never would have occurred to me that I would be learning to level floors and install click flooring on my own.  You just never know what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it.


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