Busy as a beaver

The last two weeks have completely flown by.  A little more than 2 weeks ago, the cabinet guys took my cabinets to install the toe-kick drawers.  I was expecting them back in a day or two.  9 days later, they finally called me saying they wanted to give them back to me.  By then, I had decided to use this delay to my advantage!  I decided to put a big push on cleaning up the kitchen floor  to install my flooring.  Then when the guys finally came back with my cabinets, they would be putting the cabinets right on the new floor.  That would save me from storing them in the hallway and then moving them myself when I was finished.   Mission accomplished!  Half of my kitchen floor is installed and ready to accept the cabinets back (which are coming today). 

I decided not to level the floor and I hope that I have not made a mistake with that decision.  I did a lot of measurements with my level and also laid a board over all of the floor checking to see if there were any gaps underneath or if it gave when you pressed on it. Other than one spot close to the wall I didn’t see any piece of the floor out by 1/8″.  Some parts of the floor were not perfectly level but all seemed to fall within acceptable limits.  But now that I have been walking across the finished floor for the last couple of days, I can feel a bit of a give in one spot where the boards dip when you stand on it.  Of course, this is right in front of the pantry on the way to the fridge.  It is not in an out of the way spot.  I hope that the give isn’t enough to weaken the joints. 

Also today, with Eduardo, I will be ripping out the last remaining base cabinets located under the sink.  The countertop, sink, dishwasher and cabinets are being relegated to the hallway.  I think the stove is just going to sit in the middle of the kitchen on the new floor.   I then need to patch one or more holes in the wall, repair the wall where the old countertop was attached to it, paint and then put in the rest of the flooring.   On Sunday, Eduardo is returning to help me put the cabinets back in place.  Once I accomplish this, I will be finished with the kitchen until June.

This just leaves me with the hallway.   I am tempted to just start on it right away and get it done.  I have to admit that my patience is wearing thin on this project.  I am tired of having everything in chaos and looking for food and dishes in boxes.   I want everything put right!  Of course, I will have to pack everything back up in June when my parents come but that is 8 weeks away.  I can enjoy some measure of tidiness until then.


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