At what point?

At what point do you get off the financial treadmill?

I have gone back to feeding my emergency fund.  It’s true.  I decided that 4 months was just not enough and I put some extra money I got towards my fifth month and have decided to continue contributing my second job towards it.

I am still going ahead with plans to contribute extra money towards the mortgage.  That is coming out of the pay increase I got by changing jobs.

So, I anticipate that I will get up to 6 months in emergency fund in February of next year.  This round will take longer because I cut my hours significantly at my second job.  So what do I do in February?  Do I quit my second job or do I continue on and simply contribute more to my mortgage?

It is becoming clear that I am working my life away at this point.  I work M-F at my regular job and then work Friday night and all day Saturday at my second job.  I either see the kids Saturday night or I see them Sunday mornings.  Once I accomplish those two tasks there is very little time left over for anything else – like say… a social life.  

 At what point do I say to myself that  I am financially secure and get off the little hamster wheel of making money?  When my emergency fund is stocked up in February?  When I have paid off my mortgage (2019 or so if I keep up my current rate)?  Do I really work my 40s away to get rid of my mortgage?  How about when I have enough socked away for retirement? 

Any ideas on figuring out how to achieve work-life balance?


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