Last Friday I got my first pay cheque from my new job.  It wasn’t quite everything I was hoping for.  Apparently Uncle Sam’s contribution takes quite the chunk out of it.   As well, the 15% that goes to my 401k fund is a larger amount as the base pay that it is come from is larger.   It was about 200$ a month less than I was anticipating.  Disappointing but after spending some time on my budget last night,  it looks as if my goals are still achievable.

As well, April was my spending month for my kitchen renovation so I have added up the damage and my housing account is severely in the red.  I had hoped that the extra pay cheque in July would allow me to do some additional renovations but in reality, it will primarily be used to finish paying for the kitchen.  OUCH!

So I have partially reversed my post from yesterday.  I will fund another month of my emergency fund and stop again.  At that point, I am going to take the money from my second job and throw it into the house fund at least until I have the money to do the floor of my living room.  I am fairly convinced (so still open to changing  my mind) that I am going to continue the Marmoleum flooring into the living room.   If that is the case, then I need to purchase the flooring as soon as possible so I can get the same dye lot or hope that the dye lot will be similiar.

I am still on track for paying off 7 years of my mortgage by the end of 2012.   If housing prices remain the same, I might be able to refinance at that time.  So here is hoping that interest rates remain low.


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