How to ask out a married man on a date *sigh*

I have to assume that Tuesday’s meeting did not go well since I have not heard from him.  Given that we spoke every day until we met, this silence would be deemed unusual.  And this is disappointing only in the sense that in the many hours we spoke on the phone in advance, I said that I wanted honesty and that included being told if it wasn’t working.  This guy had assured me that he could man up and be honest… yeah….

So… my mind went back to the guy that has been helping me at Home Depot when I come in for my home renovations.   He was friendly, had a great smile and I actually thought he was kind of attractive.  He didn’t wear a wedding ring.  It was a gorgeous day so I thought I would take a walk to Home Depot and see if he was working there.   I had to go get some light bulbs as I just discovered that almost half of the light bulbs in the hallway lights were out.   He was there… I asked him out for a coffee.  He was just getting off work so we went outside and chatted for an hour or more.  He said nothing about his marital status but I heard ‘we’ once.  Finally, at the end of the conversation I asked him if he was married.  Yes he was… so my potential date has turned into a potential friendship.   Not quite where I was headed with that….

I found out that this guy was Bolivian.  I had no idea he was hispanic.  His English was slightly accented but nothing that particularly gave him away as being non-English.  I will have to tell my friend, Nancy, that I randomly tried to have a date with a guy and he turned out to be hispanic.  She thinks I need to get away from hispanic guys and I keep telling her that I am an equal opportunity dater…. but you sure wouldn’t know if from the guys I seem to be attracted to.  I have attempted to date a number of non-hispanics but I haven’t been able to get a single one of them to reciprocate my interest.

Some time this week, I expect to have a coffee with this guy and get to know him better.


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