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It is done! mostly….

My stepfather arrived on Saturday and we went to work on Sunday.  On Sunday we got the bottom cabinets all installed and started on the upper cabinets.  On Monday, we finished the upper cabinets and got all of the quarter round trim done.  On Tuesday, we did the transition pieces.  All except for one because apparently I can’t add and as a result, I miscalculated how much I needed.  Speaking of waste of money… that will cost me an extra 35$ to ship.

I have a bit of tidying up to do still.  I still have to caulk and paint where transition pieces/trim did not get installed due to the door trim.  I still have to put things back where they belong.  I can finally see my bedroom floor but it is still pretty rough in there!  Lots and lots of little things need to be done  but my house is looking like it is no longer a construction zone.  Now it just looks like I am a slob!


Wasted money

While I have been putting my living room back to rights, I have been looking through what I am actually putting back.    Despite the fact that I have one less shelving unit going back into the living room, I am finding a place for everything because I have a huge pile of things I need to find a home – somewhere else!

And as placed things on the pile of discards, I saw price tags.  And in that moment, it hit home that I had spent 5. 99 or 6.99 on a book that I never even used.  Some of these books even cost me money to ship across the border.  I have had the item at least 15 years and never touched it.   What a waste of money in hindsight.  And I look at this huge stack of craft magazines that I culled.  Some of the magazines, I got for free but a large percentage of them were purchased by me.  Never used and another waste of money.

Emergency Fund Statistics

I heard on the radio that only 25% of Americans have an emergency fund of 6 months or more.  25% of Americans have no emergency fund at all.

At 4.5 months of emergency funds, I guess I am about average.


I hurt so badly that I couldn’t even fall asleep last night despite copious amounts of Advil.   Why do I hurt?  Surely you don’t need to ask! 

My living room is 260 sq ft and I floored every single sq foot yesterday.  (Well I floored the first row on Saturday night)  I even refined my technique about half way through and was able to bang out a number of rows in about 20 minutes.

Only two pieces of furniture are moved back because I don’t have any moulding installed.  I started to install the moulding and I ran out of caulking at 8:30pm.  Wouldn’t you know it, Home Depot closes at 8pm on Sundays.  The nerve of them!  I will pick up some caulking today and finish that up so I can move my furniture back.  I am actually ahead of the game because I only expected to install about 2/3rd of my flooring on Sunday.   I thought I would be hard pressed to have it finished by 9pm tonight!

This is good news since I need to put my house back to rights before my parents arrive on Saturday.


It is in the middle of packing up and then unpacking your things that you realize that you have a lot of things.   I have truly been attempting to pare down my belongings as I go through this renovation.   I think I am failing at the process of letting things go. 

What I have let go:

  • Some clothes that were too big
  • some purses
  • I sold some of my good china to Replacements, Inc (just 5 pieces) and put that money into my house fund
  • some knick-knacks from the china cabinet
  • books (I actually managed to get rid of a fair number)
  • dried and artificial flowers (a huge rubbermaid container)
  • an old telephone set
  • VHS movies + VHS tapes (all except one)
  • snow globe style music box
  • I plan on selling my SuperNintendo with its games – not yet accomplished
  • I plan on selling a set of water glasses that I used once – not yet accomplished

My biggest problem is my memory.  If I can remember who gave it to me, I can’t seem to let it go.  The only reason why one of the snow globes is going is because I can’t remember who gifted it to me so its sentimental value is gone and it has no other value to me.  

 Things I want to let go but can’t:

  • the artificial flowers almost landed in this category.  It took me several tries but I finally got them out of the house and give them to a friend
  • my last VHS tape.  An old boyfriend recorded it and although I will NEVER watch it, I can’t seem to give it up.  Too much emotion seems to be tied into it
  • a Noah’s Ark musical box.  I have a thing for Noah’s Ark and a thing for music boxes.  Plus, an old boyfriend gave it to me.   This isn’t really a stellar piece but again….!
  • more dishes.  I love my dishes so this is a tough one.  I keep thinking that I might go back to hosting dinners and it would be expensive to buy back anything I sold.
  • my baby books.  Kylie and Piero are still reading them occasionally but soon they will outgrow them and I know I will not be able to let most of them go.  I wonder if I might still have a child or maybe I can use them for my grandchildren.  Say what?  Talk about excuses.

How do you pare down the junk that is cluttering up your house?  And just to reassure you… no…. this is nothing like the people on Hoarders.   I have watched an episode of that this week and as much as I don’t like reality TV, I was glued to the TV.  It completely fascinates me that people collect things to the point of filling up their house from floor to ceiling.


I am coming into the homestretch of my renovations!  I couldn’t be happier to see it end.  And the main reasons for that are:

  • My carpet girl:  I think I am going to get my flooring today or tomorrow.  But if I want any updates – including the news that it has arrived – I need to call her REPEATEDLY.  It drives me nuts
  • My cabinet guy:  This guy is actually worse than the carpet girl.  Hard to believe but its true.  I am STILL waiting for a bracket to come in that is going to be used to brace the countertops.  I have been told for more than a week that it was going to arrive any day.  STILL WAITING and my step-father is arriving in a week.   The last thing he said to me was, “I will call you about its status”.  STILL WAITING for that call.  I think you are getting the overall theme of what it is like to deal with this guy.  His work though?  Outstanding! 
  • The mess in my house.  I am completely sick and tired of stepping over boxes, around boxes and diving into boxes for things I need.  In fact, I apparently have a lot of junk in my living room because every box I have is full of stuff and I still have stuff I need to pack up in order to move the furniture out of the living room to install the flooring.

But in two weeks… this will be all complete.

Please play with me Mommy

Lately, Frankie has been completely obsessed with playing with the little tinsel balls that we have.  If I work from home, I will often be interrupted with her dropping her ball next to me.  Heaven forbid that I ignore her because I am busy.  That usually involves her getting my attention through judicious use of her claws on my body parts.   Not on purpose… she simply keeps batting that little ball around my body parts until her claws connect with a sensitive bit and I am suddenly compelled to throw it for her.  She is the same way when I am watching TV.  And now…

I rolled over in bed to see if it was close to 5:30am.  Frankie had been pestering me for the second night in a row trying to get me to throw her little balls for her.  If it was close to 5:30am I would just get up rather than try to get her to stop and go back to sleep.   1:38am.  Geez…. seriously?  Didn’t you know this is time for sleeping?  Did the fact that I was asleep not give you a clue?  Apparently not….

She brings the balls up onto the bed and if that doesn’t get my attention… and how would it pray tell when I am sound asleep….she start batting them closer and closer to me until finally they are jammed under me and then she feels compelled to get them out and try again.  Getting them out involves her claws… NOW I am awake.  I found 2 balls stuffed under me.   Throwing them only encourages her so I decided to just hold them in my hand.  And that is when I discovered why she uses her claws.  She very carefully used her claws to catch the tinsel and pry it out of my hand.  I threw the other one on the floor and she left me alone.  And for the second time in a row, I woke up in the morning to discover little balls in my bed with me.

Crazy cat!  I hope this obsession is short lived because this is not a pleasant way to get woken up in the middle of the night.